Candy Horses

Peering Information

Here's how to connect with us.

Peering Policy

In general we need the following from you:

  • Publicly routable ASN
  • An up to date PeeringDB profile
  • Either IPv6 or IPv4 to announce
  • A designated contact in case of issues
  • Ability to meet in a PoP, establish a VxLAN, or host a VM to peer.
AS211535 PeeringDB

Port Speeds

In the event you decide to cross connect to us in one of our physical locations, we can support the following speeds in the following locations.

  • None of our PoPs are currently able to support cross connects, but we are working to resolve this.

Peering Contact

The information below is the ONLY legitimate way to contact us about peering.
You can email us at:

or reach out to us on the following socials:


We can offer the following services out of any of our public points of presence.

Hosting Services

We can offer the following hosting services out of our locations:

  • Container-based Shared Web Hosting
  • Container-based Shared Game Hosting
  • Virtual Machine Hosting (Qemu)
  • Dedicated Hosting & Colocation
    (Fall 2024)

We also offer the following upgrades:

  • Private IP for Shared Hosting

Managed Infrastructure

We can assist large projects with finding the right infrastructure to support their load, and for a monthly subscription we can manage it for you.

We can manage your on-premise infrastructure remotely, or provision your infrastructure in one of our locations.

We will provide transparent management and maintenance while keeping cost low to help your budget.


We can quickly and cheaply provision transit services for neighbors within our PoPs, or VxLAN customers who don't mind the latency.

Our network has primarily incoming traffic and can be expected to remain under 1Gb/s.

IPv4 & IPv6 IP Space

We have a /36 v6 ARIN assignment we can sublet. Below are the rules for that:

  • We only offer up to a /48 of v6 in either region. Colo/Dedicated can request more.
  • While we don't require justification, we will prioritize it.

We also have a /22 total of IPv4, the rules for which are:

  • Up to a /29 for IPv6 deployment.
  • Up to a /27 for general use.
  • /24 Rentals at request.

Prefix Announcements

We are able to provide Prefix Announcement services to customers who don't mind the latency of a VxLAN, and who want to get their prefixes announced as quickly and easily as possible. We charge for this service depending on Prefix size.